Our Philosophy

"There is no fair wind for the ship without a destination."
                                                                    - Tennyson

Ron E. Harkey

The road less traveled is characterized not just by clear goals, but an honest assessment of where one is starting from and careful attention to every detail of the journey. Real clarity and insight about our home port, our tolls for travel and the destination we seek for our clients and ourselves, brings a consistency to our message that draws others to us and compels them to take action. That decision to take action and then to stay the course has always been what the best brokers, planners, and advisors have rejoiced in and for which they have been rewarded.

Although the investment strategies have often varied both among financial professionals and their clients, there have been core principles - often learned the hard way - that are universal and timeless. These core principles that govern success both in investing and in practice management are under siege now more than ever.

The battle for positioning at every level of the investment services food chain is characterized today by ever increasing confusion. Yet those who are thriving in a downsized, narrowcasted, e-commerce environment and bear market, have both practice management and investment management principles that have always been permanent landmarks on the landscape of success and excellence.

I understand these principles and have had the privilege of observing them in the lives of others who are leading practitioners in our financial service industry.

We look for the opportunity to share some of these insights and knowledge with you, your associates and those prospects and clients who are most important to you. We will create presentations that will be tailored to incorporate your own message. Our workshops lend themselves to longer and more interactive sessions. They can help your meetings come alive with energy and enthusiasm and provide ideas and tools you can implement immediately.


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